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Confidante offers curriculum-based coaching to startup teams to help them navigate interpersonal relationships and conflicts that arise when building a company, increasing the likelihood that founding teams are able to stay with the company as it grows.

Confidante was founded in 2019 out of Stanford Graduate School of Business. 

Photo of Annie Garofalo, Founder of Confidante


Founding Team Relationship Coach

Annie strives to smooth the bumpy road of entrepreneurs by supporting the relationship development of founders and teams across the life cycle of a company. She launched Confidante in 2019 as a passion project, and has been excited by the demand for these types of services. ​Get to know Annie by scheduling a quick 20 minute chat here.

Annie draws directly from her academic background in neurobiology at Harvard University (BA), and organizational behavior and coaching at Stanford University (MBA & MA Sociology) as well as her professional experience as a growth strategy consultant (Innosight) and former founder (My Merkata).  

Annie spends her free time volunteering  for Stanford Women on Boards, as well as designing and renovating her COVID purchase, a tiny home on wheels.


Questions, comments or general interest in how we support founders? We’d love to hear from you, so don’t hesitate in reaching out today.

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